the husky party!!!idk i thought it looked funny lol

(a political party)

landing page

we are the husky party, the party that you should vote for, regardless of your political views.
we believe that each citizen with the right to vote should vote for this party, and that those who vote for another party did it by accident and should still be counted as votes for this party.

this party is founded on the core american beliefs of:

this party exists, please don't say it doesn't
the member(s) of this political party are alive
someday, you might be able to vote for this party in an election


here at the husky party, we have a few main policies:
make things more fun
make things less boring
idk we can have weekly game nights i guess

click each one to learn more!

make things more fun!

we believe that parties should be fun, so once we get elected we will immedietely lobby and/or force congress to amend these three proposed amendments to the constitution:

  1. Congress shall make no further law prohibiting the free exercise of actions defensible as fun, and shall make any law previously or currently prohibiting any action defensible as fun no longer count.

  2. Each following year from the date of this amendment, with the requirements that the last two digits of that year as one number shall be divisible by any power of 1 so that no number other than zero be after the decimal place, all amendments preceeding this one shall be re-ordered in such a way that it would be closely recognizable to random chance by someone of sane mind.

  3. homework is banned ):<

make things less boring@!

my friend once told me that he doesn't like politics and thinks they're boring, so therefore we propose that politics be made less boring so that every united states citizen participate. this can be encouraged by using different methods of fun to gain public interest in politics.

some examples include:

idk this sounded like a good idea when i wrote it

there are a lot of issues within this country that exist, but instead of fixing those which sounds boring, instead we can do weekly game nights where every citizen can vote on what game we play. sounds pretty fun!

please don't tell underground garden i stole this idea from them


some politicians claim to be able to solve every problem, but at the husky party, we are honest.
we can tell you that not every problem can be solved, as proven by multiple mathematicians including alan turing himself!
this question of whether any conceivable problem could be solved was first formally presented by
mathematicians David Hilbert and Wilhelm Ackermann in 1928, with their challenge known as the Entscheidungsproblem.
while one who is optimistic might consider that theoretically any yes/no problem could be solved, the problem with
this theory is that it is falsifiable, or rather, it can be disproven by only one logically possible occurrence.
this problem is also not one that can ever be solved; there are an infinite amount of potential inputs to a yes/no question,
making the falsifiability of this theory even stronger. for more information, research Entscheidungsproblem, decision problem, or the Church-Turing thesis.

paris is the capital of france!

press/contact stuffz

thank you for supporting our great cause!

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notice how there are a lot of green and orange colors? well that's because the color of the husky party is green to orange gradient!
most political parties use boring solid colors like red or blue, but we use a gradient cause that's way cooler

we now have a contact email!

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